This page describes all the changes in every new version of PoiEdit as detailed as possible. Use it to find out if you'd like to install a new version.

PoiEdit 2007.1 (v5.1.0.210 - 2007/02/18)

Bugs Fixed

  • The ov2 files PoiEdit outputs were not always correct and could cause TomTom to behave strangely (react slowly when displaying the map, open it's menus slowly, no showing all locations).
  • User which have their windows font set to a non standard size experienced an immediate crash when starting up PoiEdit: Access violation at address 0056ED10 in module \'PoiEdit.exe\'. Read of address 00000030.
  • When closing and reopening PoiEdit, it would loose some items registered for AutoUpdate.
  • During AutoUpdate on Vista under a limited user account (thus not Administrator), PoiEdit would generate a access denied error.
  • When changing f.e. country in the AutoUpdate Manager while having items selected in the items list, PoiEdit would cause this horrible error. Access violation at address 004CDD80.
  • When you delete a poi location from the list while having Google Maps open in the Map Pane, PoiEdit would display error: "Index out of bounds while deleting a poi location".
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