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PoiEdit not only lets you manage your poi files, it can also automatically syncronize numerous online poi files from different sites, just by one click or upon connection of your ActiveSync device. The following sites offer automated update from within PoiEdit. Use this page also to check whether a certain site is properly running according to our systems.

Lots of poi categories. Lots of European speed cameras.
Status: # of categories: 8017
European service with mostly traffic related pois in Germany
Status: # of categories: 3668
Specializes in UK business addresses.
Status: # of categories: 1889
Lots of French poi's.
Status: # of categories: 608
French traffic related poi's and more... (*)
Status: # of categories: 426
Free speedcams in Belgium.
Status: # of categories: 25
Serveral POI collections for Sweden
Status: # of categories: 7
Locations of art galleries and artists in the "Drente" province of the Netherlands (*)
Status: # of categories: 5
Disabled person poi's in the United Kingdom (*)
Status: # of categories: 4
Tankgids: Your guide to cheaper refueling in The Netherlands (*)
Status: # of categories: 4
Collection of useful pois as suggested by PoiEdit users: ATM Netherlands & Belgium, Speedcams Romania. Your own poi file here? Contact us!
Status: # of categories: 3
Todos los PDIs. PeDeIs-PeDeAs, Puntos De Interes for your gps. (*)
Status: # of categories:
Up-to-date and highly maintained poi of mobile speed cams in The Netherlands.
Status: # of categories:
Spanish pois for countries in Europe. Xml url has been changed, please update it in PoiEdit.
Status: # of categories:
Last status check: 9/7/2010 9:02:10 AM (UTC time)
(*) This site needs to be added manually to the PoiEdit AutoUpdate Manager. Right click the XML icon next to the site on this page and select "Copy Shortcut". Next open up the AutoUpdate Manager and click "Add" and paste the site url into the "Url or filename" text field. After you press OK, PoiEdit will ask you to download the item, which you should accept. After that you can begin setting up the sites' Autoupdate items.
A site is missing? Please contact us to get the site listed, or better contact the site to get themselves listed.

Other poi sites which endorse PoiEdit

Uk based poi site with pois free for personal use.
The meeting point where GPS enthusiasts and adventurers can view, download and exchange tours, tracks and waypoints for free.
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