Maps for use in PoiEdit

Note that these maps only work in PoiEdit v3.8 or higher!

The build in map viewer of PoiEdit by default shows a map of the Benelux. This is not useful for most users, but it is also possible to load your own maps into PoiEdit. For example more detailed maps or maps of other regions of the world. This page is dedicated to all the maps available for PoiEdit on the net.


Link Type Size Inf file Notes Contributed by
Link Overview 1000 x 1179 Inf file Click the image then click Topographische Karte von Deutschland frank.buchholz of


Link Type Size Inf file Notes Contributed by
Link UK 1776 x 2868 In the zip England, Wales, Scotland, part of N.Ireland Gary
UK South 1397 x 1151 Everything south of York
Hertfordshire 1249 x 1478 Central Herts and north London


Link Type Size Inf file Notes Contributed by
Cities of whole France 729 x 677 In the zip Use "nouveau 2 décembre 2005:". Thanks to ! JLB of the
Cities of whole France 2 2040 x 2037
Departments of whole France 743 x 675
Corsica 489 x 664


Link Type Size Inf file Notes Contributed by
Link Firenze 2716 x 1688 Inf file   Dnote

How to install maps into PoiEdit

Save the image file together with the .inf file in the maps directory of the PoiEdit installation directory (by default c:\Program Files\Dnote Software\PoiEdit\maps\). Be aware the the .inf file must have the same filename as the image file: image filename + extension + .inf. For example, if your map name is "Benelux.gif", your inf file name would be "Benelux.gif.inf". After you have saved your map in the maps directory, you can select the map from the dropdown list above the map pane inside PoiEdit.


You can contribute to this list by contacting Dnote and sending a link to a map file and a .inf file that belongs to it. Note that map images cannot physically hosted by Dnote Software, because maps are usually copyright protected.
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