Todo List

On this page you can find out what's in store for the next version of PoiEdit. You can also check which bugs and problems are found and scheduled for fixing.

New features

  • Command-line converting: A lot of users have been asking lately if it is possible to call PoiEdit from the command line in order to convert files from a batch or other program.
  • Investigate the possibility to build in an undo command in the main window.
  • If an application is setup, in the AutoUpdate Manager settings, to start after each AutoUpdate, make it possible to assign it to a profile.
  • Possibility to merge items during AutoUpdate in to single files. This would make it possible for example to merge pois from different countries into 1 single europe file. I guess this could be done using a confimation dialog when the user selects an autoupdate file already assigned to another. Also add the setting to delete duplicate items during this process. Also in the AutoUpdate Manager lists visualize items that update to the same file.



  • Show a friendly message if GDI+ is not installed instead
  • Show a message, about loosing order, when saving to the ov2 format and the user has done some kind of resorting or reordering.
  • Pass the language code of the language in which PoiEdit currently runs to the poi site when downloading pois from it. In that way the site can return error messages and such in the proper language.
  • Make the MapPoint plugin and internal map compatible with MapPoint 2006.
  • During the AutoUpdate process errors may appear when the login credentials are not ok. Inside this errormessage display the username and password (masked) in overwritable edit boxes, so the user can modify the login credentials immediatelly. When the credentials have been changed, retry the item that generated the error. PS Only provide this possibility when an item requires login.
  • Have another go to try to make the "Save As"/"Specify local target..." dialog easier to use by changing the file extension according to the selected file type.
  • Remember and use the last directory used in the "Specify local target..." dialog.


You can find the list of actual bugs in the PoiEdit Bugreports Forum!
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