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This page describes a list of all the features that PoiEdit offers.

• Open and save poi files in different formats (click here to show the list of formats). You can even open and save poi files directly on you ActiveSync device.
• Windows integration: drag and drop poi files from Windows, or open poi files in PoiEdit just by double-clicking them.
• Edit the coordinates and description of poi locations. Coordinates can be entered by hand or by clicking on the integrated map pane. Coordinates can be edited in the DMS as well as in the decimal format. Cut, copy and paste commands are available. Drag and drop poi locations between PoiEdit windows.
• Edit the description of multiple poi locations at once.
• Find duplicate poi locations. You can specify the which distance is used to determine if two pois are duplicates.
• Find pois by their description.
• Reorder poi locations by dragging and dropping. Sort poi's by description, longitude or latitude.
• Integrated map pane which you can use to enter locations and to select poi locations. The map pane can display image based maps, MapPoint maps and Google Maps (Google Maps can only be used if you have Internet Explorer 6 or higher available). You can add your own maps or download maps from the maps page. Map image formats supported: bmp, jpg, gif, wmf.
• Open poi locations on the MapQuest, of ACME Mapper sites or in Microsoft MapPoint 2004, just by doubleclicking a poi location within PoiEdit.
• Update poi's from different poi sites around the world. Click here to show the list of supported sites. This list also shows you if the poi sites are up-and-running according to the systems of Dnote Software, and show's you new poi sites which you can add to PoiEdit manually. Pois can be updated in any supported file format, regardless of the file format the site uses. You can setup the poi's to update from the comprehensive AutoUpdate Manager or from the easy-to-use AutoUpdate Wizard.
• Update poi's from poi sites automatically, whenever you connect your ActiveSync or other generic USB device or drive to your desktop PC.
• You can let PoiEdit launch any application automatically after it has finished synchronizing the poi files. This makes it possible to start and application which f.i. imports the updated poi's onto a GPS device.
• The PoiEdit update engine can also be fully controlled via command-line parameters, allowing you to e.g. use PoiEdit in the Windows Scheduler to periodically update your poi's.
• Any website owner can plugin to the update engine of PoiEdit. The documentation which contains all the information is installed with PoiEdit (Site Xml Format Manual.xml).
• Build in coordinates calculator.
• Pocket PoiEdit can be installed on your Windows Mobile or PocketPC device, in order to update the poi's from the poi sites without connecting the device to your desktop computer, so even on the road, if you have a device that can remotely connect to the internet.
• Integrated batchconverter which allows you to convert multiple poi files at once into another format (or even multiple formats), or to concatenate multiple poi files together.
• Startup screen so that you can quickly choose frequently used actions immediately after starting PoiEdit.
• PoiEdit automatically checks for updates available from the PoiEdit website.
• PoiEdit can be installed as a portable application.
• PoiEdit is available in English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian.
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