Supported systems

This list shows which formats PoiEdit reads and writes, and with which GPS devices and software these formats can be used.

Product Format Read/Write Notes
TomTom Navigator for PDA/Mobile Phone Poi binaries (ov2) Read/Write  
Itineraries (itn) Read/Write  
Configuration files (cfg) Read-only These configuration files contain all you favorites and recent locations. Only TomTom Navigator version 5 or higher for PocketPC configuration files are supported!
TomTom Navigator for Palm OS Poi binaries (ov2) Read/Write Use the to install the locally synchronized pois to the Palm device.
Itineraries (itn) Read/Write
TomTom ONE
TomTom GO (300, 5x0, 7x0, 910)
TomTom Rider
Poi binaries (ov2) Read/Write Use PoiEdit to synchronize to the drive (+Local button in AutoUpdate manager) that appears when you connect TomTom GO/ONE/Rider to your PC. You can also use the synchronize on USB connect with these devices.
Itineraries (itn) Read/Write
SmartPath Poi binaries (ovr) Read/Write  
Garmin Garmin comma separated (csv) Read/Write Use Garmin PoiLoader to transfer the pois to/from your device.
Read our Garmin PoiLoader tutorial on how to setup PoiLoader to run automatically after each AutoUpdate!
GPs eXchange format (gpx) Read/Write
Garmin GDB format (gdb) Read-only
Destinator Poi comma separated (csv) Read/Write useless on PDA: user needs to use Destinator console to transfer the poi's the to PDA
Destinator binary (dat) Read/Write  
Navman comma separated (csv) Read/Write Use the Navman console application to transfer the poi's the to device.
ViaMichelin MapSonic Poi ascii (asc) Read/Write Use the MapSonic POI Manager application to transfer the poi's the to device. POI Manager for X-930 does not support asc files, use an old version of the POI Manager to work around this problem.
Navio Navio Ascii (asc) Read/Write  
Navio comma separated (csv) Read/Write  
MioMap v3
MioMapv3/IGo Binary (*.upd) Read/Write  
Mio 268
Mio 269
MioMap comma separated (csv) Read/Write Use MioMap Console (version 3.1 or higher) to import csv files generated by PoiEdit, to the device.
Mitac Speedcams file (*.mtc)    
iGO MioMapv3/IGo Binary (*.upd) Read/Write  
GPs eXchange Format GPs eXchange format (gpx) Read/Write The more or less universal format which can be used in many applications.
Excel Poi xml sheets (xml) Read-only  
GPS Dash GPs eXchange format (gpx) Read/Write Load: menu Nav | Import Waypoints | GPX File...
Save: menu Nav | Export Waypoints | Type = GPX Files
Route 66 Navman Comma Separated (csv) Read/Write  
GPs eXchange format (gpx) Write-only Load: menu File | Open... | Files of type = Gps
Google Earth (kml) Read/Write  
Navigon Poi ascii (asc) Write-only Possible through Navigon POI importer which unfortunately is only available at around $2000.
= new in version 2007
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