FAQ - TomTom specific questions

When I'm opening an ov2 file from my device I get an "invalid .ov2 file" message...

This usually happens when you try to open an encrypted ov2 file, usually acquired from a TomTom plus service. These ov2 files are protected, and that's why PoiEdit cannot open them.

Can I use PoiEdit with TomTom GO?

Sure, TomTom GO acts like a drive when connected through it's USB cable. Just remember to use the "Local" button (which stands for "Local File") instead of the "ActiveSync" button when selecting a POI in the AutoUpdate Manager screen.

Can I add a phone number to the poi's which then can be called within TomTom?

Yes, you can do this by appending the "greater-than" sign to the description field, followed by the (international) phone number. For example:
Hilton Hotel >+

I've added a proximity alert to a poi, I hear the alert but on screen don't see it...

You have to enable the display of that poi category as well. You do this by entering "Change preferences", "Enable/disable POIs" and then checking the poi category you want to display.

Why can't I save back my changes to TomTom .cfg files?

PoiEdit is able to read your TomTom .cfg files which contain all you favorites and recently visited locations. You would think that it would be possible to save it back because it is already figured out how to read the format. However, it is not that simple. The cfg file is very complex and TomTom decided not to publish the format to the public. The only thing PoiEdit is able to do is scan the file for recognizable patterns in which it recognizes GPS positions. In other words, there is no effort made to understand the whole format, it just figures out little parts of it. To write data to a cfg file, it is necessary to understand the whole format, which unfortunately is not the case. Additionally, if you could figure out the format it would be quite dangerous to modify the .cfg file, risking damaging the navigation software and rendering it useless. To make things worse, TomTom changes the format of the cfg file whenever a new version comes out (an probably also whenever releasing minor updates), this is probably why they don't publish it as it would constrain them in what they can do with it.

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