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PoiEdit Mailing - Dec 2005

PoiEdit still needs your help!

PoiEdit is software which you can use for free. However, there are costs involved like (hosting, soft- and hardware investments). Any donation you could make is very welcome, and contributes to future development of PoiEdit.

You can use PayPal to transfer a donation:

To donate US Dollars .

Dutch users can also donate by bank: tnv D.J.F. de Jong.

EU transfers can be forwarded to IBAN code
(free of charge)

Thank you!

Dear PoiEdit users,

Another PoiEdit note just before the end of 2005 to let you know that the new version of PoiEdit is being worked on. It will feature the exciting new AutoUpdate Wizard to help you setup AutoUpdate items more easily. Of course a lot of other features and bugfixes are being taken care of, see the full list in the PoiEdit forum | Todo/Change list next version of PoiEdit.

The site has undergone some changes too, especially you might have noticed the new advertisements, which will hopefully keep the costs of developing PoiEdit more controllable. So if you like PoiEdit then don't hesitate to donate a few bucks or at least visit the sponsors on the advertisement sections of the website.

There also has been added a site status page to the PoiEdit website in which you can check if the poi sites are up and running according to our systems:

In the meanwhile I which you happy holidays and a POIfull 2006!!!

Dave de Jong
Dnote Software - Author of PoiEdit

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