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PoiEdit 2007.1 bugfix release

Dear PoiEdit users,

A few serious bugs have been reported for version 2007 of PoiEdit, that forces us to solve and release a bugfix for it: PoiEdit v2007.1.

Here's a quick list of the bugs fixed in this release:

  • When starting an AutoUpdate on Vista under a limited user account (thus not Administrator), PoiEdit would generate a file access denied error.
  • When closing and reopening PoiEdit, it looses some items registered for AutoUpdate.
  • When changing f.e. country in the AutoUpdate Manager while having items selected in the items list, caused this horrible error: Access violation at address 004CDD80
  • The TomTom ov2 files PoiEdit outputs were not always correct and can cause TomTom to behave strangely (react slowly when displaying the map, open it's menus slowly, not showing all poi's).
  • Some people experienced an immediate crash when starting up PoiEdit: Access violation at address 0056ED10 in module 'PoiEdit.exe'. Read of address 00000030. This was caused by a component in the new graphic user interface layer.
  • When you delete a poi selection from the list while having Google Maps open in the Map Pane, PoiEdit would display error: "Index out of bounds while deleting a poi location".

To see this list in Dutch / Om deze lijst in het nederlands te zien: PoiEdit Wijzigingen.

Go to PoiEdit Downloads to download the new version (remember to visit the sponsor to enable the download buttons, thank you!)

Dave de Jong
Dnote Software - Author of PoiEdit

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