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PoiEdit 2007 released

Dear PoiEdit users,

We're proud to reveal the new PoiEdit 2007! This new PoiEdit contains the most significant changes since years, and a appearance which makes it look good in every version Windows, including the new Windows Vista with it's cool Aero engine.

Here's a quick list of the most significant changes:

  • AutoUpdate profiles to make you able to update poi's to multiple formats, devices and maps at the same time

  • This new version of PoiEdit 2007 and it's new interface, is fully compatible with Windows Vista

  • It's possible to install PoiEdit as a "Portable Application"

  • Integrated Microsoft MapPoint and Google Maps viewer

  • Added the Spanish, French and Italian languages. When new languages come available they can be easily added to your PoiEdit

  • Added support for the MioMap v3, IGo, Mitac formats. The TomTom ov2 file format has been optimized to make TomTom run much faster

  • Added ACME Mapper site support

To see this list in Dutch / Om deze lijst in het nederlands te zien: PoiEdit Wijzigingen.
For a full list of changes and improvements: Go to PoiEdit History.

Go to PoiEdit Downloads to download the new version (remember to visit the sponsor to enable the download buttons, thank you!)

Dave de Jong
Dnote Software - Author of PoiEdit

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