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PoiEdit is software which you can use for free. However, there are costs involved like (hosting, soft- and hardware investments). Any donation you could make is very welcome, and contributes to future development of PoiEdit.

You can use PayPal to transfer a donation:

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Dutch users can also donate by bank: tnv D.J.F. de Jong.

EU transfers can be forwarded to IBAN code BIC (free of charge for the european community)

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Dear PoiEdit users,

Just a quick note to let you know that Version 4.5.1 of PoiEdit is released! It fixes some of the bugs introduced in version 4.5.


  • Pocket PoiEdit location.
    If you want to install Pocket PoiEdit in another location than the default, you can now setup this location within PoiEdit using the Settings tab of the AutoUpdate Manager.

  • Added SCDB poi site.
    Added the new SCDB poi site to the sites list. Click on the logo to find out about this new service which covers all speedcams of Europe.


  • Poi site xml compatibility: Improved compatibility with some xml encoding schemes while loading or updating site xml's in the AutoUpdate Manager.


  • Pocket PoiEdit on non-english devices: "Send selected to Pocket PoiEdit" did not work if Pocket PoiEdit was installed on non-english device OS'es.
  • AutoUpdate delay setting: PoiEdit dit not remember the "Delay" setting you have setup in the Settings tab of the AutoUpdate Manager.
  • Out of Memory error when loading large GIF maps: PoiEdit did not handle large map gif-images very well, which at times caused "Out of Memory" error messages.
  • Poi selection and the map pane: If only 1 poi was selected, it was not displayed in the map pane.
  • Startup screen and opening files: If one would open poi files from Windows, PoiEdit would show the PoiEdit Startup Screen anyway.

To see this list in dutch / Om deze lijst in het nederlands te zien: PoiEdit Wijzigingen.

For a full list of changes and improvements including screenshots of the most significant changes: Go to PoiEdit History.

Go to PoiEdit Downloads to download the new version (visit the sponsor to enable the download buttons, thank you!)

Dave de Jong
Dnote Software - Author of PoiEdit

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