This page describes all the changes in every new version of PoiEdit as detailed as possible. Use it to find out if you'd like to install a new version.

PoiEdit 2007 (v5.0.0.208 - 2007/02/11)


  • AutoUpdate Profiles: Now it is possible to AutoUpdate the same item to 2 or more folders at the same time. This is for instance useful if you have 2 devices, 2 different maps on you device or if you want to download your poi's both to the device and the desktop computer, in order to always have a backup copy of the poi files at hand.
  • New interface look, with new buttons, logo, icons and background
  • This new version of PoiEdit 2007 is fully compatible with Windows Vista
  • It's possible to install PoiEdit as a "Portable Application"
  • Integrated Microsoft MapPoint map viewer. You must have MapPoint 2000 or 2004 installed.
  • Integrated Google Maps viewer. Note that Googe Maps only works if you have Internet Explorer 6 or higher installed.
  • Spanish language support. Gracias a Chicho for the translation!
  • French language support. Thanx to Paul-Marc Fouilloux for the translation!
  • Italian language support (beta, we still need someone to check it).
  • Add all the suggested online poi files to www.poiedit.com/pois.xml
  • Support for the Mio v3 file format
  • Support Mitac format (read-only)
  • Precision settable for the generic asc format exporter
  • Plugin to control the ACME Mapper site from PoiEdit
  • Added Benzinestations.net to the sites list in the AutoUpdate Manager


  • Detect TomTom Navigator 6 map: In the new TomTom Navigator 6 program, they have changed the way the available maps are memorized by the application. PoiEdit needs to be updated to at least show the active TomTom map in the "File | Save remote" en "AutoUpdate Manager | ActiveSync" dialogs.
  • Multilanguage improvements: Make it possible to add languages after PoiEdit has been installed and offer language downloads separately to make the main distribution smaller.
  • Selecting in Find Duplicates: Make selecting poi's inside the Find duplicates more intuitive.
  • Remove AutoUpdate on Connect settings from installer into the PoiEdit application itself.
  • Optimize ov2 format export: TomTom Navigator supports so-called skipper records that allow to group ov2 file poi coordinates in certain zones that are easier to read by Navigator and other applications.
  • Username prompt setting: Make it possible for poi site owners to setup their xml to make the PoiEdit AutoUpdate Manager ask for the email-address as the username instead of "Username".
  • Accept the fact that more than 3 values can occur on one line when importing asc files.
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