V4.0 (build 165, 2006-04-14)


  • Startup screen.
    A startup screen with several frequently used actions directly at your disposal has been added. The startup screen appears when you run or activate PoiEdit from the taskbar tray. You can disable the startup screen from the startup screen or from the options dialog.

  • AutoUpdate Wizard.
    An AutoUpdate Wizard has been added to guide the user through the somewhat technical aspects of setting up the AutoUpdate Manager. You can start the AutoUpdate Wizard from the menu: AutoUpdate -> AutoUpdate Wizard. Some poi sites might need to be improved to work optimally with the AutoUpdate Wizard.

  • Streetmap.co.uk Plug-in.
    PoiEdit now integrates with Streetmap.co.uk, an UK online mapping service. You can open poi's in the Streetmap site by right clicking them in the poi list and selecting "Show in Streetmap Plug-in". You can setup the plug-in as the default plug-in through the Tools | Preferences menu -> Map Plugins tab, so that the Streetmap site is opened whenever you double-click a poi in the PoiEdit main window.

  • Poi Tool tip Info
    When you hold the cursor above a poi in the map, information about that poi is showed as a tool tip.

  • Batch convert filename insertion
    Added option to the Batch conversion dialog, which enables you to insert filenames of the appended files into the poi description of the resulting poi file. You can find the Batch converter from the Tools -> Batch Convert menu.

  • Batch convert auto open file
    Added option to automatically open the resulting file of the batch convert append operation. You can find the Batch converter from the Tools -> Batch Convert menu.

  • Reorder poi's
    Poi's can now be reordered by dragging and dropping them in the poi list.

  • Garmin MapSource GDB
    PoiEdit now can also open Garmin MapSource .GDB files.

  • Launch application after AutoUpdate
    Option to launch an external application after AutoUpdate has finished (for example Garmin PoiLoader which is actually being updated to perform better with this option right at this moment). You can find this option in the Settings tab of the AutoUpdate Manager.


  • Redesign AutoUpdate Engine.
    The AutoUpdate engine now solely uses the Internet Explorer routines to AutoUpdate data from the poi sites. The advantage is that the connection settings of Internet Explorer are used to download the data, and that all the proxy and connection related errors you might have gotten in the past, are now solved, provided that Internet Explorer is configured properly.

  • Redesign AutoUpdate Manager.
    The layout of the AutoUpdate Manager has been improved and poi site information pages can now be embedded into it (at this moment only the PoiEdit site's info page is present).

  • Preferences Dialog Split-up
    In order to make the new importer and exporter options available, the Preferences dialog has been split up into several tabs.

  • Browse Mobile Folder
    The Browse for Mobile Folder as used from the AutoUpdate Manager, now behaves like a normal Windows "Search for folder" dialog.

  • AutoUpdate from local file
    It is now possible to update from local files by using the file:// prefix instead of the http:// prefix inside an AutoUpdate Manager xml site description file. This option is probably only useful for poi site developers and very advanced users.

  • Force xml download from update button
    The site xml file is now always downloaded (i.e. whether or not is has been updated) when the user presses the Update button next to the sites list in the AutoUpdate Manager.

  • GPX file desc tag
    When opening a GPX file, now the desc tag is used if the name tag is not found. This makes PoiEdit even more compatible with the various GPX sub-formats available.

  • Option which GPX description tag to use
    You can now choose which tag to use as the description tag when opening GPX files. This option can be found in the Preferences dialog, File Importers tab, GPS Exchange Format item.

  • Option which description column to use when opening Garmin CSV files
    You can now choose which column to use as the description column when opening Garmin CSV files. This option can be found in the Preferences dialog, File Importers tab, Garmin Comma Separated item.

  • Precision option when saving Generic Ascii
    You can now setup the precision to use when saving Generic Ascii files. This option can be found in the Preferences dialog, File Exporters tab, Generic Ascii.


  • Poi dots did not show properly in the map when it is zoomed.

  • Coordinates calculator initially showed wrong coordinate button captions (North South East West buttons).

  • Add xml encoding to KML file, so that non-ASCII characters don't cause any more problems.

  • Cut, copy and paste shortcuts did not work in the description and coordinate and poi list controls.

  • Fixed the "@" crash problem when running PoiEdit on a Windows emulator on a Mac.

  • Special characters are now preserved when importing an excel sheet into PoiEdit.

  • Special characters are now preserved when loading a Google Earth file into PoiEdit.

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